There are Millions of Sporters and Clubs around the world, we offer the same financial opportunities to anyone in global sports.


Athletes and Brands have a hard time connecting with good sponsors and loyal fans we want to empower them with a new ecosystem for Sports.


We are Sportcash One and this is just the beginning


4 Billion

4 Billion estimated worldwide Football fans. And growing!

3.15+ Billion

Estimated Social Media users by 2021

31 Percent

Of 7 Billion people, 1.7 Billion people are unbanked


International transactions are slow. Can take 3 to 7 days


7% average to send money internationally

Sending donations around the world should be as easy and cheap as sending a text message. No matter where you live, what you do, or how much you earn.


Social Network

Communicate with your fans, connect with Brands and receive easy crowdfunding from all around the world to pay for your sports.

Getting rewards for sharing your media and being active on our platform.

Access Social (not yet released)


Store your funds securely in our easy to use Blockchain wallet.
Send money is as easy as sending an email.

Payment Plugin for Shops

We offer cryptocurrency plugins for most used E-Commerce platforms.
Buy sports items with SCOne in online shops.

Token for Clubs (TAAS)

Token As A Service

We offer all our solutions in 1 package for clubs.
Helping them experience all benefits of Blockchain.

$SCOne Token Details

Token Name : Sportcash One
Short Name: $SCOne
Created on the Waves Platform at: tba
Token ID: tba
Supply: tba
Decimals: tba
Re-issuable: No

SCOne is a global cryptocurrency that will be available around the world, build on Blockchain designed with security in mind.


– Roberto Moretto, CEO Sportcash One


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